Weekend in Southern New Hampshire

On October 18th, my parents picked me up in the afternoon and we drove to visit my sister at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. I had heard all about how beautiful the campus was, but was excited to see it for myself. When we got there, we picked up Nicole and went to eat at La Festa in downtown Dover. The town was adorable, and I thought the town hall was beautiful. Image

Next we went to the UNH vs Michigan men’s hockey game! I am a huge hockey fan, so I was really excited to go to a big college hockey game. Hockey at UConn is completely overshadowed by basketball and football, and our arena holds about 2,000 people compared to UNH’s 6,500. Nicole played in the pep band and it was fun to see her with all of her friends. I loved the college hockey atmosphere and had a great time. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

The next day we went to the UNH vs. Villanova football game. The stadium is really small, but it was packed. We saw the band march in. I’m a member of the 300 person UConn Marching Band, and my sister’s band has about 50 members, which is a big difference. I loved the small college feel of the game. After every UNH touchdown, a group of revolutionary war reenactors shot off a cannon, and it didn’t get any less startling as the game went on. UNH won 29-28 in the last minute. As a fan of a winless Huskies team, I was glad to be in the crowd for a victory!

Amazingly, our trip to New Hampshire lined up with a free weekend for my high school band director and his wife, so we planned to meet up for the game and dinner after.  After the game, we walked behind the band to the music building to get some pictures with Nicole.Image

Then we met for dinner in Portsmouth, which is an adorable little town. My band director, T, mentioned that Portsmouth is sometimes brought up as an example of what Hartford, CT, could look like. It seems very likely that I’ll end up working in Hartford, and if it gets anywhere near as awesome as Portsmouth is, I’d be happy! The storefronts were quirky, and I saw some cool graffiti. ImageImageImage

For dinner we went to The Rosa Restaurant, which has been operating in the same location since 1927. The building was built in 1856. I loved that we were eating in such a historic place. The inside was recently remodeled and was beautiful, but the outside structure still had its old charm. My band director is a huge food and wine buff, and he was immensely impressed with his antipasto. For dessert, we split a big mug of hazelnut mousse, and it was incredible. I consider myself a bit of a dessert snob, and I was enamored with this mousse.Image

After dinner, we said goodbye to T and his wife and then walked around town a little bit. Mom took some pictures of Nicole and me, but we didn’t get anything good enough to qualify for a Christmas photo.

On our last day in New Hampshire, we ate at a cute breakfast place, Young’s Restaurant, in Durham. Young’s opened in 1916! Then we drove around campus so I could get a little tour. Image

All in all, we had a great weekend, and I would definitely love to go back to visit again!